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1. Porcelain Stay Insulators

Our Stay Insulators include 54-1, 54-2, 54-3, and 54-4.

Standard: IEC, ANSI, BS, AS, DIN, GB and etc. 

Color: brown, grey, sky blue and etc.

2. Porcelain Pin Insulators

We manufacture a wide range of low and high voltage pin type insulators designed for distribution systems, highly resistant to lightning puncture. Such as P-11-Y, P-15-Y, P-20-Y, P-33-Y, and PQ-36Y.

Pin insulators of one piece or Multipiece construction are widely used in low cost distribution lines. Multipiece construction makes these insulators less vulnerable to damage as with one shell broken a multi piece insulator can normally withstand the line voltage for a considerable time without difficulty.

3. Porcelain Line Post Insulators

We produce Tie–Top Line Post Insulators, Horizontal & Vertical Clamp Top Line Post.  Usually, the horizontal & vertical clamp top line post assemblies for ratings 25 kV through 35 kV. All Line Post Insulators are manufactured in strict compliance with ANSI standards , these insulators offer excellent mechanical strength as well as electrical characteristics.