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Power industry: policy is good? UHV is developing rapidly

Power industry: policy is good? UHV is developing rapidly

Industry News
2018/07/22 14:01
TheUHVconceptwasactivetoday.TongdasharesandJingweiElectricMaterialsrosedaily,JinlihuaPowerrose7.52%,Qiyuanequipmentrose4.73%,BaobianElectricrose4.66%,DalianElectricPorcelainrose4.41%. Inthenews,itwasl 
The UHV concept was active today. Tongda shares and Jingwei Electric Materials rose daily, Jinlihua Power rose 7.52%, Qiyuan equipment rose 4.73%, Baobian Electric rose 4.66%, Dalian Electric Porcelain rose 4.41%.   
In the news, it was learned from the State Grid that the 128th Plenary Session of the International Olympic Committee voted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on July 31 to transfer the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympics to Beijing.      
The State Grid will guarantee the power supply of the Winter Olympic Games with a first-class power grid, comprehensively promote the pre-project of 6 UHV downlink transmission channels in four directions, and introduce “UHV” into the core area of Beijing City to provide a strong guarantee for safe and reliable power supply in the capital.   
State Grid Yubei Power actively carried out special Olympic planning, and formulated power supply plans for Zhangjiakou City and Chongli County to ensure that the power grid project was put into operation on schedule.  
By 2022, Chongli will build two 220 kV substations and three 110 kV substations to form a 220 kV reinforced dual-ring network power supply mode. The 110 kV stations will form a “single-chain” power supply structure, ensuring 220 thousand. Highly reliable power supply for volt networks and 110 kV networks.  
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